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Saturday, May 10, 2008


Our dance year is done and the recital went off without a hitch. None of the girls got sick, thank God. Actually, everyone is fine, I am hoping that the virus isn't going to strike anyone else. So far so good! The all did beautifully, I am always so proud of them : )

I am kinda tired, right now dh and I are zoning out watching Cheaters LOL Why is it that once you start watching this stuff, you just can't stop?! The host of the show is sooooo creepy. Anyway I am so wiped out, I don't even know if we will make it to church in the morning. I just want to stay home and do nothing.

Sorry, I missed my posting yesterday, the rehearsal went on for 5 hours, and I just wanted to go to sleep when we got home. The rest of the month should be quiet, I am hoping to enjoy lots of sewing time : ) Needless to say, there has been no sewing being done since Wednesday. I got the fabric for the girl's tops cut out and it is all still sitting on my cutting table.

Here are my 3 beautiful girls : )


Tine said...

I am so glad none of you got sick! What beautiful daugthers you have. And they look so happy :-)
I bet you are looking forward to everything slowing down a bit? And to getting back into the normal routines of everyday life?

muralimanohar said...

Three beautiful girls is right...do you have to beat the boys off?? Seriously, lol.

And ack, you watch Cheaters?? I can't handle it...I watch for a little while, and then have an overwhelming desire to smack the host over the head, lol.

thriftymrs said...

I'm glad it went well. Your girls are gorgeous.
I didn't know it was Mothers Day (we have mothering sunday here in March) - I hope you have had a happy one.

Marie said...

Happy Mother's Day Tonya!
Your girls look gorgeous, you really do not look like the mother of teenagers! Hope you get some rest today!

Sharleen said...

Your girls are adorable!